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SooSL™ supports the following operating systems:

Latest binary packages

( Older software and Source code )

Installer (Windows) and App (Apple Mac) for normal users.
README.txt (9 Kb)

Read this file for more instructions.

SooSL-0.9.1 for Windows (75 Mb)
SooSL-0.9.1 for Apple Mac (99 Mb)
(updated 2021-03-21)

SooSL-0.9.1 for Debian (12 Mb)

Download the file for your operating system and double-click on it.
No need to uninstall any old versions of SooSL.
(Windows exception: If you want to install to a different location than your old version,
 then you will need to uninstall your old version first.)

Linux users - Ubuntu users should setup access to the repositories;
Wasta-Linux already has this access setup.

Debian 10 "buster" users can also install and update SooSL from the SIL repositories.
Full details can be found in the README.txt

Users of other Debian based systems can download the .deb file to the left. (Tested on Debian "Buster".)

Install using your favourite package manager, or in a terminal change to your download directory and type:
"sudo apt install ./soosl_0.9.1.210208_all.deb".

Demo (ASL) 2021-01-26 (0.9.1).zoozl
(126 Mb)

This file is an example of a SooSL project.
Click on the "tools" icon Tools Menu (right-most icon at the top of the program window).
Use the "Import Project" icon Import Project to make it available for use with SooSL.

More Information

0.9.1 [macOS]

Developed under MacOS Big Sur 11 and tested on Catalina 10.15 and Mojave 10.14.
SooSL runs well on both Intel and M1 processors (using Rosetta); we hope to have it available for "Apple Silicon" soon".
If you need SooSL for an older version of MacOS or OS X (back to Mavericks 10.9) please contact us, as we may be able to help.

What's New?

  1. [MacOS] Bugfix release for 0.9.1 (210321).
  2. [MacOS] Crashing and freezing while setting grammar category for sign - fixed.
  3. [MacOS] Video player updated. (VLC 3.0.12)
  1. Bugfix release.
  2. Fixed video loading and flickering issues.
  3. Black video surround replaced with white background.
  4. Now able to change interface language without restarting application.
  5. Amendments to project file format to facilitate future merging and publishing features.
  6. Python updated. Windows --> 3.7.9
  7. VLC updated. Windows & MacOS --> 3.0.11