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Older binary packages

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Download README file for 0.9.2 README-0.9.2
SooSL-0.9.2_210902-win32.exe (83 Mb)
SooSL-0.9.2_210902-macos.pkg (105 Mb)
soosl_0.9.2.210921_all.deb (17 Mb)
Demo_ASL_2021-08-09_0-9-2.zoozl (126 Mb)

Download README file for 0.9.1 README-0.9.1
SooSL-0.9.1_210201-win32.exe (75 Mb)
SooSL-0.9.1_210321-macos.pkg (99 Mb)
soosl_0.9.1.210208_all.deb (12 Mb)
Demo (ASL) 2021-01-26 (0.9.1).zoozl (126 Mb)

Download README file for 0.9.0 README-0.9.0
SooSL-0.9.0_200917-win32 (66 Mb)
SooSL-0.9.0_200917-macos (96 Mb)
soosl_0. (12 Mb)
demo-asl-2020-08-0-9-0.zoozl (123 Mb)

Download README file for 0.8.10 README-0.8.10
SooSL-0.8.10_190122-win32 (64 Mb)
SooSL-0.8.10_190122-macos (82 Mb)
Demo (ASL) 0.8.10.zoozl (123 Mb)

Download README file for 0.8.8 README-0.8.8
SooSL-0.8.8_180509-win32 (55 Mb)
SooSL-0.8.8_180509-macos (75 Mb)

Download README file for 0.8.7 README-0.8.7
SooSL-0.8.7_170411-win32 (57 Mb)
SooSL-0.8.7_170411-macos (71 Mb)

Download README file for 0.8.6 README-0.8.6
SooSL-0.8.6_160321-win32 (42 Mb)
SooSL-0.8.6_160321-osx (63 Mb)

Download the file for your operating system and double-click on it.
No need to uninstall any old versions of SooSL first.

(Windows exception: If you want to install to a different location than your old version,
 then you will need to uninstall your old version first.)

(Linux exception: If you have a newer version already installed, you will need to remove it first.
From the command line: "sudo apt remove soosl"
Then, from the command line: "sudo apt install ./soosl_old soosl version number_all.deb"

Known Issues

0.8.10 [macOS]

Starting SooSL - For macOS versions earlier than Mojave (10.14) you may be warned that SooSL is from
an "Unidentified developer" when trying to run it for the first time. You may still run the program by locating
SooSL in the Applications folder in Finder, right or control-click on its icon, and select 'Open' from the top of the list.

Video display - A small number of Mac users have reported problems in playing videos.

If this version fixes the problem for you or if videos are still not playing, please let us know! You may use
the contact form on our support page, selecting the checkbox
next to the name 'Timothy Grove'.

0.8.9 [Windows]

Malware infection - There is a small possibility that this version of SooSL was infected by malware, possibly due
to a past infection of the Python code repositories themselves. There seems to be little to fear from this, but we have taken
the precaution of removing 0.8.9 from our website, although the source code is still available.
We would further recommend that anyone developing with the source update their own Python libraries.

Source Code (28 Mb)  Download README file for 0.9.3 source (30 Mb)  Download README file for 0.9.2 source (20 Mb)  Download README file for 0.9.1 source (21 Mb)  Download README file for 0.9.0 source (28 Mb)  Download README file for 0.8.10 source (20 Mb)  Download README file for 0.8.9 source (20 Mb)  Download README file for 0.8.8 source (15 Mb)   Download README file for 0.8.7 source (17 Mb)   Download README file for 0.8.6 source

Download and unzip this file to your computer.
(Click on Download README file for source to download README file for more instructions.)

Windows & macOS sources

soosl_0.9.3.230323.6.orig.tar.xz (14 Mb)
soosl_0.9.3.230323.6.debian.tar.xz (8 Mb)

soosl_0.9.2.210929.orig.tar.xz (16 Mb)
soosl_0.9.2.210929.debian.tar.xz (8 Mb)

soosl_0.9.1.210208.orig.tar.xz (11 Mb)
soosl_0.9.1.210208.debian.tar.xz (7 Mb)

soosl_0. (18 Mb)
soosl_0. (7 Mb)

Linux sources

For SooSL 0.9.2+:

VLC for (45 Mb)
VLC for Apple (29 Mb)

FFmpeg for (15 Mb)
FFmpeg for Apple (23 Mb)

For SooSL 0.9.1:

VLC for (53 Mb)
VLC for Apple (35 Mb)

FFmpeg for (15 Mb)
FFmpeg for Apple (23 Mb)

For SooSL 0.9.0:

VLC for (35 Mb)
VLC for Apple (23 Mb)

FFmpeg for (15 Mb)
FFmpeg for Apple (23 Mb)

For SooSL 0.8.7 --> 0.8.10:

VLC for (35 Mb)
VLC for Apple (23 Mb)

FFmpeg for (15 Mb)
FFmpeg for Apple (8 Mb)

For SooSL 0.8.6:

VLC for (21 Mb)
VLC for Apple (17 Mb)

FFmpeg for (14 Mb)
FFmpeg for Apple (8 Mb)

Download a VLC zipfile for your operating system and unzip it into the source code directory.

Download an FFmpeg zipfile for your operating system and unzip it into the source code directory.


0.9.3 - bugfix release
(March 23, 2023)
  1. AWS transfer acceleration enabled to improve upload rate to WebSooSL.
  2. Improved upload dialog.
  3. Added interface (display language) translations for Chinese. (traditional and simplified)
  4. "Send feedback" action in tools menu now visible during editing.
  5. Finding a dictionary project to open using the full file dialog ("Other" option in SooSL file dialog) will now return the higher-level project folder if a sub-folder of a project is chosen.
  6. Imports of some non-English dictionaries were failing - fixed.
  7. Uploads of large dictionaries to WebSooSL were failing - fixed.
  8. Word list not scrolling for some MacOS users - fixed.
  1. Upload to WebSooSL feature added including support for uploading to either a public or private version of the same dictionary
  2. Tool menu items reordered
  3. Improved "About SooSL" dialog
  4. Improved "About Dictionary" dialog
  5. Improved startup screen (displays and logs progress)
  6. Improved file dialogs used for opening, importing and exporting dictionaries
  7. File extensions are now case-insensitive in file dialogs. (.mp4 = .MP4)
  8. When importing a dictionary from a ZooZL file, you can now specify the new project's folder name
  9. Tools menu automatically opens (with usage advice) when opening SooSL without a dictionary
  10. Reinstate sign count in status bar of main window. (Also still available in "About dictionary" dialog.)
  11. Updated interface (display language) translations in Spanish, French, and Romanian
  12. Updated and improved help files covering both the desktop and web versions of SooSL
  13. Revised the words used to describe SooSL, for consistency across SooSL Desktop, SooSL Web, and help files
  14. Word list not reloading after deleting sign [macOS] - fixed
  15. Occasional crashes on opening [Windows] - fixed
  16. File locks not working over network [Linux] - fixed
0.9.2 - bugfix release
  1. New signs no longer create an empty JSON file which caused errors when editing grammar categories, dialects or written languages.
  2. Exiting editing mode sometimes selected the topmost gloss in the finder list instead of the current one being edited.
  3. Improved sorting of words in finder list, when gloss strings contain numbers.
  4. Sorting (and searching) based on first letter in the gloss unless gloss is a single word starting with a number.
  5. Remember last opened media file folder, last opened project folder and last opened import/export folder.
  6. Problem with setting search language solved.
  7. After deleting extra videos/pictures from sign, the associated media file(s) were not being deleted after the project closed.
  8. Better default widths for Gloss & Dialect columns in finder list columns.
  9. Video window "detaching" from main window and not scaling properly when adjusting system scale factor for a screen.
        (seen on a 4k 3840x2160 resolution monitor, but also on regular screens)
  10. Update to help files. (Terms of service)
  11. Reinstate sign count label in mainwindow. (also in 'About dictionary' window) [macOS, linux] (2021-09-29)
  12. Word list not reloading after deleting sign [macOS, linux] - fixed. (2021-09-29)
  1. Network support added for group working over a local area network (LAN).
  2. Project directories renamed to prevent bug in versions older than 0.9.2 from deleting media files.
  3. Removal or replacement of certain characters from media filenames in order to prevent conflicts when sharing dictionary projects in different desktop, web and network scenarios.
  4. Inventory of files taken when exporting dictionary projects to ZooZL files. (*.zoozl)
  5. Many of these changes help lay the foundation for project merging and publishing to WebSooSL; new features to come in future versions.
  6. Help files have been completely rewritten.
  7. Help files are also available online:
  8. The count of signs in a dictionary has moved from bottom-left of the main window into the window displayed by the 'About dictionary' tool.
  9. Dialogs that have shown sign counts now also show sense and gloss counts, if appropriate.
  10. 'About SooSL' tool now opens the help files to the 'About SooSL' page. ('Thanks' and 'Team' information now included in the help files.)
  11. Startup dialog shows more progress information.
  12. More information shown in file dialogs when opening, importing or exporting dictionaries to help identify dictionary projects correctly.
  13. French now included as an interface language option.
  14. Tool icons for showing sign parameters and sign information are now both displayed together in the toolbar.
  15. Tool icons for switching between photo and signwriting handshapes are now both displayed together in the toolbar.
  16. The term 'components' used in tooltips changed to 'parameters'.
  17. The term 'project' used in tooltips changed to 'dictionary' or 'dictionary project'.
  18. Fixed a number of issues causing program crashes.
  19. Fixed duplication of signs and dialects following crashes.
  20. Python updated. Windows --> 3.8.10
  21. VLC updated. Windows and macOS --> 3.0.12
0.9.1    (2021-01-25)
  1. Bugfix release.
  2. Fixed video loading and flickering issues.
  3. Black video surround replaced with white background.
  4. Now able to change interface language without restarting application.
  5. Amendments to project file format to facilitate future merging and publish features.
  6. Python updated. Windows --> 3.7.9
  7. VLC updated. Windows & MacOS --> 3.11.1
  1. Web version has been launched (, providing a path to dictionary publishing online. Contact us if you are interested.
  2. Sign data storage was changed from a SQLite database to JSON text file, making it easier to share data with the web version and
    laying the foundation for further collaborative uses.
  3. Major version change from 0.8.10 to 0.9.0 due to change from SQLite to JSON. Older projects will update to work with this version
    of SooSL, but new projects will not work with older versions.
  4. A project ID was added to the data stored about a project. It is created using the name given to the project when it was first created.
    This is used to identify the project and to name its directory structure. It will remain unchanged even if a project is renamed, copied,
    imported or exported.
  5. The name of the sign language for the project is now recorded when the project is created; previously it was only available as part of the
    project name, and then only if the creator remembered to include it. There is a new field in the 'Create New Project' dialog for this purpose;
    also a new small dialog appears when opening an old project in order to add the sign language name.
  6. Dialogs for opening projects have been improved to show the project name, file name, file size and date when the project was last changed;
    also shows whether or not a project can be edited (locked/un-locked icon).
  7. When importing an existing project, there is an option to change the project directory, replace the old copy of the project or make a new copy.
    The option to rename a project on import by manually renaming .zoozl file has been removed.
  8. Projects can now be renamed through the 'About project' option in the tools menu. (This does not affect the filename.) The filename for a copy is
    programmatically generated based on the project ID. (The project ID remains unchanged.)
  9. Some formatting can now be added to a project's description using html through the 'About project' option.
  10. Sign counts have been added for indexing by location.
  11. Amendments and fixes to program code to accommodate the change to JSON file format.
  12. Improved error detection, reporting and recovery; crash detection now works again.
  13. Cancel button added to startup dialog.
  14. 'Close project' option added to the tools menu.
  15. Fixed interface translations for Romanian.
  16. Python updated. Windows --> 3.7.8; macOS --> 3.7.9
  17. PyQt5 updated. Windows & macOS --> 5.13.1
  18. VLC updated. Windows & macOS --> 3.0.3
  19. FFmpeg updated. macOS only --> 4.3.1
  1. Interface translations added for Romanian.
  2. Updated Python version used for Windows and macOS (v3.7.2).
  3. Installed fresh versions of Python and Python libraries on development computers to remove
    (small) chance of malware infection in previous versions of SooSL [Windows].
  4. Repaired issues in SooSL and SooSL's website which were preventing the sending of feedback and error reports.
    The same issues were also preventing SooSL from checking for software updates.
  1. First release for Linux in the repositories.
  2. Large projects now open much faster.
  3. Security changes on our website meant that sending feedback, error reports and update checks
    from SooSL probably stopped working; these issues have been addressed.
  4. Updated copyright dates and other text in the 'About SooSL' dialog.
  5. Updated Python version used for Windows, macOS and Linux Bionic (v3.6).
  6. Updated PyQt5 version used for Windows, macOS and Linux Bionic (v5.11)
    (Python = core programming language; PyQt5 = visual interface toolkit).
  7. Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion.
  1. New controls for video playback (speed, and seek slider) available for both video viewers.
  2. Changed available playback speeds to 1x, .75x, .5x, .25x.
  3. Search for signs by component now in a separate dialog box, creating a less confusing display.
  4. Moved Location indexing from under sign video window to the right-hand side of main SooSL window,
    to keep all indexing together in the same place on the screen.
  5. Changed the vertical column for viewing and indexing features (components) to a horizontal row
    along the top of the right-hand side of main SooSL window.
  6. Red overlay on videos that are marked for deletion (rather than blacking them out).
  7. Lower video/image viewer now has individual icons for each video or image.
  8. Support added for more image formats: GIFs, animated GIFs, SVG.
  9. Changed transcoding settings to create more reasonable-sized videos when saving, reducing overall size of project files.
  10. Ability to set font for written text languages.
  11. '###' item for showing or hiding unglossed signs moved from finder list* to toolbar above it.
  12. Unglossed signs now shown in finder list* as blanks with gray background; '???' no longer used for this purpose.
  13. Fixed issue which prevented videos from playing on some computers (without OpenGL video).
  14. Fixed issue which caused crashes when closing SooSL (MacOS).
  15. General bug-fixes, giving SooSL better stability.
  16. French text added to the example project available on the website.

*"finder list" refers to the word list on the left-hand side of the SooSL program window.

  1. Fixed automatic updates. Users still need to download this version from the website to install,
    but future updates should be available automatically when using SooSL.
  1. New indexing category - 'Sign types'.
  2. New indexing system for 'Motion' category.
  3. Language used in SooSL for menus, tooltips, etc., can be either 'English' or 'Español'.
    (Other languages could also be supported.)
  4. Better support for complex scripts, such as Myanmar and Thai.
  5. New dialog when SooSL first starts, offering:
    • choice of project to open
    • choice of language for menus, tooltips, etc. (currently 'English' and 'Español')
  1. Fixed major issue with "Import Project" tool which 'corrupted' some video and picture files when importing a project into SooSL.
  2. Fixed an issue where a currently opened project would be 'corrupted' if a "Create New Project" operastion was cancelled before creating a new project.
  3. Updating SooSL from within SooSL no longer requires an email address.
  4. Order of senses can now be changed.
  5. Released under new license - GNU GPL version 3.
  6. A sign may be selected by scrolling through the finder list with the Up/Down arrow keys and pressing either the 'Spacebar', 'Enter' or 'Return' key when you have selected its corresponding gloss.
  7. Glosses in the finder list no longer move to the left, out-of-sight, when selecting the dialect column.
  8. Standardized use of square and round selection controls throughout SooSL.
  9. Review and update of help files.


  1. Updated Help documentation including fuller "What's New?" pages.
  2. SooSL can now display more than one written language at a time, removing the need to switch back and forth between languages when viewing or editing projects.
  3. SooSL now remembers what keyboard layout goes with each language. The keyboard will automatically change to the correct layout when editing text.
  4. The Edit Text Settings (was Edit Languages) tool now has more options for adjusting text settings. These include:
    • Search language - change written language used in the finder list when searching for signs by gloss.
    • Show/Hide a language - set which language texts are displayed.
    • Set font size used for each language.
    • Set keyboard used for each language.
    • Change display order of languages.
    • Delete a language.
    This tool is available by clicking the blue spanner/wrench icon (top right) and then clicking on "Edit Text Settings".
  5. The controls for changing language and changing font size have been removed from the main program window and are now included in the Edit Text Settings tool described above.
  6. When adding or editing text (glosses, sentences, explanatory text) you no longer need to double-click on these text fields first, and they now appear with a border around them when in editing mode.
  7. When in viewing/search mode a "???" will appear where text has not been added for a language, both in the gloss finder list on the left-hand side of the program window and in the main text panel on the right.
  8. The Edit Dialects tool now includes an option to show or hide the abbreviation for the focal dialect. This tool is available by clicking the blue spanner/wrench icon (top right) and then clicking on "Edit Dialects".
  9. Improved dialogs used throughout SooSL for locating and selecting video, picture and project files.
  10. Upgraded verion of Python used for programming from 3.3 to 3.4.
  11. Included newer version of VLC used for video display.
  12. Included newer version of FFmpeg used for transcoding when saving sign videos.
  13. No need for username and password to access website,
  14. Bug fix: Project corruption following a cancelled project import.


  1. Fixed bug preventing exported projects from being imported.
  2. Improved performance and feedback when saving signs.
  3. Improved layout to more clearly separate glosses/senses.
  4. Multiple glosses for the same sense may be separated with a semi-colon (;).
    They will each appear as separate glosses in the 'finder list' on the left side of the program window.
  5. Icon for adding new sentences moved from top of program window to below last sentence for a gloss/sense.
  6. Font size can now be adjusted for each written language separately.
  7. Added automatic crash and error reporting features.
  8. Added new icons to 'tools menu' for sending feedback and reporting errors.
  9. Existing face/head icons have been replaced with a different and smaller set of icons, each with a much broader meaning.

    These represent movement of:
    • whole head
    • mouth
    • forehead & eyebrows
    • chin
    • eyes
    • cheeks
    • nose
    • other non-manual movement

    Existing projects will be updated with the corresponding new icons, if necessary.

  10. No more "Duplicate File" dialog when adding videos or pictures. Duplicate filenames are now
    prevented by automatically appending a unique id to the filename when added to a project.
  11. Files for sentences, explanatory videos and pictures can be reused by choosing them from
    a project's directories. Any existing text associated with the file will also be offered for reuse.
  12. Files for signs may be chosen from a project's directories, but they will be copied instead of
    shared to keep signs unique. (1 sign = 1 video file)
  13. "/" and "\" are invalid characters when creating, importing and exporting projects and will produce errors.
    Their use is now prevented for these tasks.
  1. Fixed an error which prevented users from adding extra textual information to a sign.
  2. There is now the option when exporting a project to export it as either "Read/Write" or "Read Only"
    depending on whether the author of the project wishes others to be able to add and edit sign entries
    or only view them.


  1. Fixed problem from 0.8.1 which prevented import of projects on new installations.
  2. Brings version number in-line with Apple Mac version.


  1. Unable to save signs without gloss - fixed.
  2. Main program window was still accessible during save when it should be disabled - fixed.
  3. When text is too wide to display fully, dots replace some of the text, now on left side for right-to-left layouts.
  4. If closing SooSL while editing give option to save or abort.
  5. Corrected identical glosses from being selected together in left-hand listing.
  6. Notification of program updates at start of SooSL if Internet is available.
  7. Ability to download and install updates through program.


  1. Revamp of tools accessed by the blue spanner/wrench icon in the top, right corner of program window.
    • New Project tool
    • Edit Dialects tool
    • Edit Languages tool
    • Edit Sign Types (part-of-speech) tool
  2. Improved feedback when importing or exporting projects; able to cancel import/export.
  3. Improved resizing of video window.
  4. Added tool for changing font size of written languages, to right of language name along top of program window.
  5. New icon for leaving editing mode. Red cross "Cancel or Abort Editing" replaced by Blue door "Close Editor".
  6. Removed lock/unlock icons until password protection fully implemented.
  7. Removal of 'heel' symbols from handshapes; redundant for indexing signs in SooSL.
  8. Multi-line editing for sentences and extra-text.
  9. Audio removed from videos.
  10. Combined two hand locations into one; 'Hand (non-dominant)'.
  11. Combined two wrist locations into one; 'Wrist'.
  12. Touch locations added for each side of neck.
  13. Added keyboard shortcuts for some common tasks. To see the correct keys to use for your keyboard, place the mouse
    over the tool icon to view the tooltip. More details in Readme.txt.


  • Major Bug Fix - a default project directory wasn't being created in some cases, preventing new installations from
    creating new projects.


  • Fixed code which prevented editing of 'glosses' and 'sentences' with previous upgrade to Python 3.2.5.
  • Altered code to ensure that path to video player is correctly found.
  • No new features.


  • Fixed code which "may" prevent import and opening of sample database.
  • Update to Python version used. (3.2.5 - 3.3.2)
  • No new features