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(March 23rd, 2023)    SooSL™ 0.9.3 (bugfix) Released!!!    For Windows, macOS and Linux!!!
Please visit our Software Downloads page for this new version.

(March 11, 2020)    We can now publish SooSL dictionaries on the Internet.    Please visit and tell us what you think.   Try this out on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone!

SooSL™ is software for making and publishing a sign language dictionary.

  • Works with any sign language
  • Easy to use
  • Add videos for signs, example sentences, and comments
  • Look up signs by handshape, location, motion, or gloss
  • Provide glosses in one or more written languages
  • Distinguish multiple senses and synonymns
  • Indicate dialects and word classes (nouns, verbs, etc.)
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
SooSL Screen Image

SooSL Screen Image

For more screen images and further information, visit the Features page of our website.